Gifts for a new mom


If you have a new mom to shop for, you may want to buy her so­me­thing for the lit­tle one. Don’t do it! She pro­ba­bly al­rea­dy has eve­ry­thing she needs, and she’ll li­ke­ly be ope­ning lots of baby-re­la­ted gifts from other people. Ins­tead, opt to get so­me­thing just for her. • Res­tau­rant gift card: moms can be­come so bu­sy ten­ding to the needs of their kids, they ne­glect to put to­ge­ther heal­thy meals for them­selves. This Ch­rist­mas, help the new mom in your life get a good meal or two from a res­tau­rant she en­joys. Bo­nus points if the res­tau­rant de­li­vers!

• Spa day: new moms don’t get much time to them­selves, so en­cou­rage her to carve out a mo­ment for her­self with a gift cer­ti­fi­cate to a lo­cal spa for a mas­sage, fa­cial or ma­ni­cure and pe­di­cure.

• E-rea­der: if she’s a book­worm, she pro­ba­bly misses the days of cur­ling up with a good book. This type of de­vice is light en­ough that she can read through ma­ra­thon fee­ding ses­sions with baby and has en­ough sto­rage to hold a whole li­bra­ry of books.

• Ba­by­sit­ting: you don’t need to spend a lot of mo­ney to treat the new mom in your life. Of­fer to ba­by­sit the baby for a few hours so she can go on a date with her part­ner or even just take a nap.

While gifts for baby are great, gifts for mom are even bet­ter. She’ll ap­pre­ciate it more than you know.

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