Five unique ho­li­day gift-wrap­ping ideas


Wrap­ping Ch­rist­mas pre­sents of­ten feels like a chore, but it doesn’t have to. With a lit­tle crea­ti­vi­ty, you can make gift­wrap­ping fun — not to men­tion chea­per and more eco-friend­ly. Here are a few gift-wrap­ping ideas to ins­pire you. 1. Use re­cy­cled ma­te­rials as gift-wrap. Wrap your gifts in re­cy­cled hou­se­hold items such as old news­pa­pers and ma­ga­zines, dis­car­ded maps, left over wall­pa­per and even gent­ly worn clothes. With some ex­tra ef­fort, your pre­sents will look just as beau­ti­ful and far more in­ter­es­ting than if they were wrap­ped in plain old store-bought pa­per. 2. Go mo­no­chrome. For a sleek, sty­lish look, consi­der using shades of the same hue for wrap­ping pa­per, rib­bon and gift bags. Or, choose two or three co­lours to theme your gift-wrap­ping around (pick a com­bo other than red and green). 3. Add na­tu­ral ma­te­rials as de­co­ra­tions. Try wrap­ping pre­sents in brown Kraft pa­per, tying them with string and de­co­ra­ting the pa­ckages with sprigs of ever­green or dried flo­wers. If you’re de­cking your house with hol­ly or other sea­so­nal gree­ne­ry, save some of the fo­liage to use as em­bel­lish­ments for your wrap­ped gifts. 4. Try using fu­ro­shi­ki. Wrap­ping pre­sents in pat­ter­ned fa­bric, or fu­ro­shi­ki, is a Ja­pa­nese prac­tice that of­fers an es­the­ti­cal­ly plea­sing and eco-friend­ly al­ter­na­tive to wrap­ping pa­per. Fa­bric can be reu­sed year af­ter year so you don’t need to buy, and throw away, co­pious amounts of wrap­ping pa­per each ho­li­day sea­son. 5. Have your kids de­si­gn the pa­per. Have your kids de­co­rate large pieces of thin, white pa­per to use for wrap­ping pre­sents. The per­so­na­li­zed dra­wings by your chil­dren will make the pre­sents that you gift to your fa­mi­ly mem­bers that much more mea­ning­ful.

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