Les pré­pa­ra­tifs pour le Som­met du G7 s'in­ten­si­fient à Ba­got­ville...

Pre­pa­ra­tions for the G7 sum­mit in Char­le­voix in June are ac­ce­le­ra­ting and ac­ti­vi­ties are be­gin­ning to be felt at CFB Ba­got­ville.

Le Vortex de Bagotville - - LA UNE -

From March 26th to the 28th, a com­mand post exer­cise was held in­vol­ving mem­bers of 2 and 3 Wing. This exer­cise, led by the Ca­na­dian Joint Ope­ra­tions Com­mand, the mi­li­ta­ry rei­te­ra­ted their staff pro ce dure sand com­mu­ni­ca­tions bet­ween the va­rious par­ties in­vol­ved.

How to main­tain base ac­cess

En­han­ced se­cu­ri­ty mea­sures re­la­ted to the G7 Sum­mit will be in ef­fect from June 4th to the 10th for the base and sur­roun­ding areas. To ac­cess the base or fa­mi­ly hou­sing, each ci­vi­lian or mi­li­ta­ry em­ployee must have spe­ci­fic ac­cre­di­ta­tion for the du­ra­tion of the Sum­mit to ac­cess the Base. The same is true for mi­li­ta­ry fa­mi­lies re­si­ding in fa­mi­ly hou­sing. Em­ployees will learn more in April about the pro­cess they must fol­low.


Em­ployees who will work at the base at the Sum­mit will need to find out about the par­king sites that will be avai­lable to them. Not all in­di­vi­dual ve­hicles will be al­lo­wed to en­ter as usual. Get in­for­med wi­thin your units! Some in­for­ma­tion re­lea­sed to date may change. Pay at­ten­tion to the in­for­ma­tion conveyed by the chain of com­mand as it be­comes avai­lable.

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