Two mi­li­ta­ry sa­ved a life!

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A mi­li­ta­ry couple from Ba­got­ville, ser­geants Bruno Byatt and Isa­belle Lé­vesque, were ho­no­red with a Chief of the De­fense Staff Com­men­da­tion on June 19th for an ex­cep­tio­nal act of ci­ti­zen­ship that has un­ques­tio­na­bly sa­ved so­meone’s life in Ju­ly 2014.

What star­ted out as a quiet meal with friends took a quick turn for the worst, as a per­son present star­ted to choke. Thank­ful­ly these two ser­geants were present and the per­son suf­fe­ring was able to be­ne­fit from their first- aid know­ledge.

It was Sgt Byatt who at­temp­ted the Heim­lich ma­neu­ver first, but was unable to dis­lodge the obns­truc­tion from the air­ways. He pas­sed the ba­ton to his spouse, Sgt Lé­vesque, who conti­nued the ma­neu­ver un­til it was suc­cess­ful, while Sgt Byatt contac­ted emer­gen­cy ser­vices.

The com­bi­ned ef­forts of the two mem­bers, wi­thout he­si­ta­tion, sa­ved the life of the vic­tim.

It was the Com­man­der of 3 Wing and CFB Ba­got­ville, Co­lo­nel William Ra­diff, and Chief War­rant Of­fi­cer Marc Cor­ri­veau who pre­sen­ted the cer­ti­fi­cate and de­co­ra­tions to the two re­ci­pients.

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