The Boys go to the Na­tio­nal

Le Vortex de Bagotville - - MOT DE L’ADJUDANT- CHEF -

The men's ball ho­ckey team from CFB Ba­got­ville has won the re­gio­nal cham­pion­ship in Ba­got­ville held from June 18th- 22nd.

The lo­cal team rea­ched the fi­nal wi­thout too much dif­fi­cul­ty and then won the gold me­dal against the Mon­treal team with a score of 5 to 1. Ba­got­ville will re­present the Que­bec re­gion at the next na­tio­nal cham­pion­ship, to be held at CFB Bor­den from Ju­ly 27th to Au­gust 3rd. They will be figh­ting to win a 5th na­tio­nal cham­pion­ship in 6 years. As for the Ba­got­ville wo­men's team, they fa­ced the on­ly other team in the re­gion th­ree times. Des­pite ve­ry close scores and hard work, the la­dies from Ba­got­ville were not able to beat the Mon­treal team. Note that given the li­mi­ted num­ber of wo­men's ball ho­ckey teams, there will not be a na­tio­nal cham­pion­ship this year.

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