A new Com­man­der for the RCAF

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Since May 4, the Royal Ca­na­dian Air Force ( RCAF) has a new com­man­der, Lieu­te­nant - Ge­ne­ral Al Mein­zin­ger, who has ta­ken over from Lieu­te­nant- Ge­ne­ral Mike Hood. LGen Mein­zin­ger has be­come the 20th com­man­der of the RCAF.

In a mes­sage to the troops pre­pa­red a few days af­ter ta­king of­fice, the new com­man­der rei­te­ra­ted how ho­no­red he is with this ap­point­ment and said he wants to conti­nue in the tra­di­tion of his pre­de­ces­sors. « Over the past few years, it has be­come ve­ry ap­pa­rent that our suc­cess is dri­ven by the concept of “flying in for­ma­tion”. In the sim­plest terms, this phi­lo­so­phy en­sures that we re­main in­ter­ope­rable at all le­vels of the RCAF, able to ope­rate to­ge­ther as an air force and with our Ca­na­dian Ar­med Forces and al­lied part­ners. In this spi­rit, I pledge to conti­nue to move the RCAF for­ward as a uni­ted and fo­cu­sed team.” The new com­man­der al­so sta­ted his ap­pre­cia­tion for all the work done by RCAF mem­bers on a dai­ly ba­sis and he en­cou­rages all mem­bers to take care of each other in or­der to en­sure the well- being of all. Fi­nal­ly, the com­man­der is op­ti­mis­tic about the fu­ture of the RCAF and stresses the im­por­tance of all of his units. “I am a firm be­lie­ver that suc­cess­ful de­li­ve­ry of air and space po­wer al­so re­lies on well- led, ro­bust, heal­thy and in­clu­sive squa­drons and tac­ti­cal units. If we can get it right wi­thin our 39 flying units and 86 tac­ti­cal units, our fu­ture will be all the brigh­ter”, claims LGen Meint­zin­ger. Those in­ter­es­ted in the RCAF Com­man­der’s full mes­sage can ac­cess it on the base bul­le­tin board and on the CRA web­site.

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