Third win in a row at the Na­tio­nal Cham­pion­ship

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Ba­got­ville’s Men's ball ho­ckey team vic­to­rious­ly won the na­tio­nal cham­pion­ship fi­nal held at CFB Borden on Au­gust 2nd.

Thanks to this vic­to­ry, the Que­bec Re­gion is a gold cham­pion for a third conse­cu­tive year, and it is al­so the fifth gold win in six years for the Ba­got­ville team; an ex­cep­tio­nal re­cord.

Ba­got­ville en­ded up in the se­mi- fi­nals against the At- lan­tic re­gion on Ju­ly 31 af­ter conque­ring va­rious teams one by one.

Ba­got­ville sco­red six goals lea­ving lit­tle time or op­tion for the other team to score, with Cpl Etienne Jean doing an im­pec­cable job as goa­lie. Ba­got­ville on­ly al­lo­wed the At­lan­tic team to score one time.

Cpl Jean al­so re­cei­ved the title of most use­ful player to his team du­ring this se­mi - fi­nal match. In the fi­nal on Au­gust 2, Ba­got­ville was fa­cing the CFB Es­qui­malt team re­pre­sen­ting the Wes­tern Re­gion.

The fi­nal score was 5 top 2 for Ba­got­ville, but the Wes­tern team fought hard throu­ghout the game.

MC­pl Theo­dore Van­houtte, the cap­tain of the Ba­got­ville team, re­cei­ved the title of most va­luable player to his team du­ring the fi­nal.

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