Ca­nex et SSIP re­mettent plus de 112 000 $ a la com­mu­naute...

Le Vortex de Bagotville - - LA UNE -

A check for over $ 112 000 was de­li­ve­red to the Ba­got­ville Base Fund on Sep­tem­ber 20th, thanks to the CA­NEX and SISIP as part of the pro­gram that sees their pro­fits tur­ned over to the mi­li­ta­ry com­mu­ni­ties.

This pay­check is in­ten­ded to sup­port the mo­rale and well- being of the mem­bers of the Ba­got­ville com­mu­ni­ty and is the lar­gest amount ever paid to Ba­got­ville to date. The do­na­tion is part of the pro­fits that are rai­sed at the va­rious fa­ci­li­ties in Ca­na­da, which are then dis­tri­bu­ted ac­cor­din­gly. The amount do­na­ted by Ca­nex is paid in­to the Base Fund, which is used to con- duct va­rious ac­ti­vi­ties and to pro­vide di­rect ser­vices to mem­bers and their fa­mi­lies. The Base Fund for Mem­ber Ser­vices and the Base Cha­ri­ty Fund are not to be confu­sed; they are two se­pa­rate funds, with the Base Fund be­ne­fit­ting mem­bers and the Base Cha­ri­ty Fund sup­por­ting cha­ri­table or­ga­ni­za­tions in the re­gion. The Base Fund pro­vides, among other things, free ac­cess to sports fa­ci­li­ties for mem­bers and their fa­mi­lies, fun­ding for the Out­door Pro­gram, of­fe­ring dis­counts to mi­li­ta­ry per­son­nel and their fa­mi­lies in va­rious tou­rist lo­ca­tions in the re­gion and al­so sup­ports the so­cial ac­ti­vi­ties of the units.

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