Slt Mé­lisse For­tin, pa­ra­chu­tist

Le Vortex de Bagotville - - UN MOT DE L’ADJUDANT- CHEF -

On Au­gust 16th, CFB Ba­got­ville's mem­ber Me­lis­sa For­tin, with 13 other pa­ra­chu­tists, set the first fe­male Ca­na­dian se­quen­tial re­cord.

The pa­ra­troo­per se­quen­tial trai­ning means the se­quence of se­ve­ral pre­de­fi­ned fi­gures wi­thin a gi­ven time. To ar­rive at this re­sult, it took 15 jumps, the wai­ting of ade­quate me­teo­ro­lo­gi­cal condi­tions team work. and ex­cep­tio­nal 2Lt For­tin is an ex­pe­rien­ced sky­di­ver with more than 1040 jumps. This is not her first Ca­na­dian re­cord; she par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the lar­gest group jump in Ca­na­da with 102 people, and al­so has the title of the lar­gest wo­men’s team jump with 47 wo­men, es­ta­bli­shed in 2013.

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