Ce­le­brate Na­tio­nal Child Day in Ba­got­ville

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Like ma­ny kids her age, Ja­nelle at­tends a camp over the sum­mer, but du­ring the sum­mer of 2016, Ja­nelle was un­der­going treat­ment for her can­cer, which made it im­pos­sible for her to at­tend the Win­ni­peg PSP sports camp, so­me­thing she was loo­king for­ward too.

Be­fore her can­cer diag­no­sis, Ja­nelle was an ener­ge­tic kid who lo­ved the sports the­med camp, where a dif­ferent sport was played eve­ry week. Fast for­ward to the sum­mer of 2017, with her treat­ment com- plete Ja­nelle was able to at­tend camp. Ho­we­ver, there were some concerns as her treat­ment had left her weak and with no sta­mi­na. The PSP re­crea­tion staff en­cou­ra­ged Ja­nelle’s pa­rents to send her with a pro­mise that they would take good care of her. That pro­mise tur­ned out to be the best thing for her. By the end of the sum­mer, Ja­nelle’s sta­mi­na and ener­gy le­vels had great­ly im­pro­ved, so much so that even her on­co­lo­gist was im­pres­sed. She is now going on two years in re­mis­sion. Eve­ry year on No­vem­ber 20th, Na­tio­nal Child Day is re­co­gni­zed across the globe, gi­ving chil­dren the op­por­tu­ni­ty to have a voice, be pro­tec­ted from harm and be pro­vi­ded with their ba­sic needs to reach their full po­ten­tial. To ce­le­brate Na­tio­nal Child Day, PSP will be hos­ting a free crea­tive work­shop for chil­dren on Sa­tur­day, No­vem­ber 17. The art the chil­dren will create will be on dis­play at the Na­tio­nal War Mu­seum No­vem­ber 28, 2018. CAF­con­nec­tion. ca/ child- day for in­for­ma­tion.

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