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Still no new school


When I recently received campaign literature from a Saskatchew­an Party candidate touting all the investment­s the provincial government has made in schools, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Athabasca School, in the River Heights-Lakeview area of Regina where I live, was closed four years ago. When this school was closed and combined with Argyle School, there was supposedly a commitment from the province and the Regina public school board to immediatel­y build a new facility at the site of the existing Argyle School.

That new school has yet to be built and there is no clear indication if and when it will be. Yet the province and Regina’s two school boards have managed to find financing to build three new jointuse schools that weren’t even on the books four years ago.

The provincial government clearly has some explaining to do, as does the public school board. Perhaps Carla Beck and Aleana Young, public school trustees who are running as NDP candidates in the provincial election, also have some explaining to do.

In any case, I’m upset. In my neighbourh­ood, the school was closed and the replacemen­t school that was promised has not been built.

But I’m paying provincial and school board taxes to build new schools in somebody else’s neighbourh­ood.

Neil Scott, Regina

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