Corn roast for the champs

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A month-long com­pe­ti­tion will come to an end and leave Mon­treal is a lit­tle bit less pol­lu­ted. Al­most 100 people joi­ned the MOBA led in­ter-com­pa­ny Mo­bi­li­ty Cham­pions Chal­lenge to see who the most ac­tive com­mu­ter is. The com­pe­ti­tion was open to all ac­tive com­mu­ters, in­clu­ding wal­kers, run­ners, cy­clists, and more, with awards to be han­ded out for mul­tiple ca­te­go­ries du­ring this Fri­day’s Cham­pions Corn Roast.

In an ideal bit of ti­ming, the Corn Roast will be held on Sep­tem­ber 22 Park(ing) Day, a world­wide ini­tia­tive to turn par­king lots in­to parks for a day. The awards will in­clude the «Con­ta­gious Cham­pion» who en­rol­led the most of their fel­low em­ployees in the com­pe­ti­tion, the «StrongWill Cham­pion», for the per­son who did an es­pe­cial­ly long com­mute to their work and the «Te­na­ci­ty Cham­pion» for the em­ployee who did their com­mute re­gard­less of wea­ther condi­tions.

MOBA/Mo­bi­li­té Al­ter­na­tive have en­cou­ra­ged and set-up dif­ferent me­thods to get com­mu­ters to use al­ter­na­tive trans­por­ta­tion op­tions like bi­king or pu­blic tran­sit. Using the Stra­va app, par­ti­ci­pants joi­ned their area’s Cham­pion’s Club and dis­co­ve­red the routes ta­ken by friends and co-wor­kers, and tra­cked the com­pe­ti­tion in real time. (DC)

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