Smo­king Ban at Va­nier Col­lege

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EDU­CA­TION. In 2015, of­fi­cials at Va­nier Col­lege in­tro­du­ced a ban on soft drinks and fried foods at its ca­fe­te­ria. It was a move to pro­mote a heal­thy li­fe­style at the Saint-Laurent ce­gep. This year, the school is going one step fur­ther – smo­king is now for­bid­den on the en­tire grounds of the col­lege.

The new rule took ef­fect Mon­day Au­gust 13 and it will be strict­ly en­for­ced. At the start of the school year, of­fen­ders will re­ceive a ver­bal war­ning. Re­peat of­fen­ders could even­tual­ly face a $25 fine.

17-year-old student Alexan­dra Fur­ta­do says the smo­king ban is wel­come news.

« I love it. It’s a great idea. Smo­king kills, » she says.

Smo­king is al­so for­bid­den inside ve­hicles in the school’s par­king lot.

«Anyone who wants to smoke ci­ga­rettes or vape will have to go off col­lege grounds and on­to a pu­blic space,» says Dar­ren Be­cker, Va­nier Col­lege’s Di­rec­tor of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions and Cor­po­rate Af­fairs. «We ins­tal­led th­ree ash­trays along Sainte- Croix Bou­le­vard for their conve­nience.»

The new rule will al­so ap­ply to marijuana. Re­crea­tio­nal can­na­bis use will be le­gal in Ca­na­da on Oc­to­ber 17.

Va­nier Col­lege be­comes the se­cond En­glish ce­gep to im­pose an ou­tright ban on smo­king on school grounds. Daw­son Col­lege in­tro­du­ced a si­mi­lar mea­sure in Ja­nua­ry.


A survey done last Fe­brua­ry sho­wed most stu­dents were in fa­vour of the new rule.

More than four thou­sand people re­spon­ded. Of that num­ber, 64 per cent ap­pro­ved the ban and on­ly 22 per cent were against it. «That gave us the man­date to act as we did. It’s a no-brai­ner,» says Be­cker.

The smo­king ban al­so ap­plies to sa­tel­lite cam­pus grounds and at fa­ci­li­ties ow­ned or lea­sed by Va­nier Col­lege, in­clu­ding the La­chute Field Sta­tion.

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Smo­king of all types is for­bid­den on the grounds of Va­nier Col­lege as of Au­gust 13.

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