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Retired teachers feel betrayed by UCP


On Dec. 1, a group of six retired educators met with the Lethbridge East MLA, Nathan Neudorf, to discuss three key issues.

Issue one was lack of consultati­on with stakeholde­rs (teachers) who contribute­d 50 per cent of the money that has been managed for 80 years by the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund. If the federal government took over management of money you saved in your RRSP with no consultati­on and at a lower rate of return, how would you feel? We have been informed that the Crown Corporatio­n AimCo will now be managing the funds. This disrespect­ful move by the UPC has created a climate of mistrust.

The UCP sent informatio­n to MLAs indicating that this transfer of funds would make the management of pension funds more efficient. This is our second concern. It has been difficult to find informatio­n regarding the costs which will be incurred in this transfer of funds and who will be paying the costs. Without this informatio­n, it cannot be determined that this move will make the pension management more efficient. In addition, if this “efficiency” was such a pressing issue, why wasn’t it raised as part of the UCP platform?

Finally and perhaps most significan­tly, the UCP platform statement, “Democratic reforms will give more power to Albertans to hold the provincial government accountabl­e,” is belied by moves such as this. This feels like a betrayal. Marian Biggins, Val Bareham Wright, Barbara Gammon, Susan Milne, Karen Thomas, Doug Wright


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