Lethbridge Herald

Not happy with City’s waste and recycling program


This letter is in regard to the waste and recycling program (black and blue bins). As far as I’m concerned, it stinks and it is just another money grab for the City of Lethbridge.

Have the councillor­s who run this wonderful city of Lethbridge ever thought about using the system that they use in Calgary, which they call a user fee, and only charges the residents when they (City of Calgary) collect their waste or their recyclable­s. There are a lot of people, including me, who don’t always have enough waste every week; that goes for both bins. Also, there a lot of people in the city of Lethbridge who can’t afford being charged every week for little or no waste or recyclable­s.

There is a garbage truck that goes down my back lane every Thursday because of an apartment so why can’t they pick up ours also; the back lane can’t be any worse than it already is! I have a small car and have never got stuck, so what goes on here?

And another thing: people of Lethbridge pay very high taxes and they never got to vote on getting these blue bins or having their bins out at the curb on collection day. I think it unfair to just go and do whatever the city councillor­s desire without contacting the people who pay their wages. Mabel Campbell


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