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Nevada killer free on parole


One of Nevada’s most notorious convicted murderers was released from prison Friday, more than 25 years after her millionair­e husband’s burned body was found outside Las Vegas.

Margaret Rudin, 76, a socialite antiques shop owner dubbed the “black widow” while she was a fugitive ahead of her 2001 trial, left a women’s prison after winning parole from her 20-years-to-life sentence for the killing of real estate mogul Ron Rudin.

Her release came 20 years after a tip generated by a “most wanted” TV show led to her arrest in Massachuse­tts where she was living with a retired firefighte­r she had met in Mexico.

Rudin was met by a jurorturne­d-supporter Corrine

Kovacs, who was the last holdout before voting to convict her, and lawyer Greg Mullanax. He is asking a federal judge to order a new trial to clear Rudin of the conviction that will otherwise keep her on parole for the rest of her life.

Rudin did not speak with reporters, but Mullanax said in a prepared statement:“This is a happy day for Margaret Rudin and her family.”

He added: “But the joy of being released from prison is tempered by the fact that Margaret Rudin is innocent and she did not murder her husband, Ron Rudin.”

Rudin’s murder trial made headlines in an era of sensationa­l televised trials following the 1995 acquittal of O.J. Simpson in the killings of his wife and her friend in Los Angeles and the first trial in the 1998 death of Las Vegas casino heir Ted Binion.

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