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Slick, somewhat predictabl­e revenge tale


authoritie­s, but two years later, the 12 inmates who planned the prison break are still on the loose. The FBI has made no progress tracking them down, so the mayor of Weldon takes matters into his own hands.

He places Detective Leah Hawkins, a 6-foot-2inch former basketball star, “on sabbatical,” ostensibly to study ways to modernize the local police department, and gives her access to funds from a million-dollar federal grant designated for that purpose. But Leah, whose lover was among those murdered in the rampage, has a secret assignment. Her task, which she willingly accepts, is to track down the fugitives and gun them all down.

Perry’s “A Small Town” is a slick, somewhat predictabl­e revenge fantasy that combines the grim ambiance of Fox TV’s “Prison Break” with the vigilante violence of the John Wick movie franchise.

Leah proves to be both a brilliant detective and a cunning predator. Starting with a few vague clues, she roams the country alone from Florida to New York, hunting the men who did her people wrong.

When she finds them, she shows no mercy.

Although the plot is farfetched, readers able to suspend disbelief will find much to admire in Leah’s skill, courage, and determinat­ion. The characters, including the villains, are well drawn, and the settings are vividly portrayed.

Perry, the veteran author of 26 other crime novels, spills the story in a torrid pace, and, as usual, his prose is tight and precise throughout.

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