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Join us in celebratin­g the people who make Lethbridge a great place to live, work, and play – tag and cheer someone who’s made a difference in our community today! We invite you to share and applaud the actions for positive change you’ve seen throughout our city. Have you noticed someone contributi­ng to our community in a positive way? Tag your nominee in a social media post on Cheers 4 Lethbridge’s Facebook or Twitter to celebrate them, and they may be recognized with a High 4 package!

TOAST: To the young family that went out of their way to help us when our car broke down near Bridge Drive turnoff on Friday night.

TOAST: To all the nurses in the hospital especially the ones on 4B. I was in the hospital for six days. The care I received was wonderful, even the food was good. Thanks again to everyone especially Patty — from M.

TOAST: To the City recycle pickup employee who on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 4 in the area of 16 Avenue and 26 Street South came back and picked up my blue bin. It was so windy that day the bin kept blowing over so I moved it into the carport out of the wind. And when he saw me run out after hearing the truck, but I didn’t make it in time, he kindly came back. Now that’s an awesome employee you have, City of Lethbridge! Made my day he did — thanks, man!

ROAST: Sorry, I feel compelled to roast a few of our roasters; roaster comparing Jason Kenney to Trump, say what you want about Trump, but he does have the U.S. economy humming, hopefully we will see the same in Alberta. Every disaster in the world is not caused by global warming. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is about protecting the taxpayer and I am a paying supporter. Don’t count Trump out in 2020. For the roaster that thinks Trump is a terrible role model for our children, maybe so but you can say the same thing about our PM Trudeau.

TOAST: To Lorne Fitch for having the courage to write a reasonable assessment of Alberta’s dilemma.

TOAST: To “you are free tv” for her analysis of what is really happening worldwide.

TOAST: Kudos to the directors, choreograp­her, designers, performers and the band and all the volunteers from the New West Theatre musical “Celebrate.” What a way to cap off 30 years! Stellar performanc­es from all. We all laughed until we cried, then we were transporte­d into the magic of the musical numbers. Thank you all. Best show and performanc­e of the season.

ROAST: Lethbridge City or Rona. The road from Mayor Magrath and 32 Street South (in front of Rona) has been tearing up for one complete year now (why has it not been repaired). Is it a City or Rona road, or shared, or even shared with a few other businesses. This has to hurt business for everyone concerned. It is like driving in a Third World country — what is going on?

ROAST: Just checking my bank account online and see that I was charged more for my Y membership, but wasn’t even informed. How is that even possible? I’d have thought some kind of notice to members would be required.

TOAST: To the northside McDonald’s for being the best! There is great staff, courteous and friendly all the time, efficient and clean. Plus they keep the customer environmen­t safe from vagrants, have seen this firsthand. A good place to go and enjoy a quiet meal free from intrusions. Keep up the good work McD’s.

ROAST: To the City for even thinking that changing 13 Street North to only one lane going each way from two lanes. And for bicycle lanes — ridiculous! That is going to take away parking for the businesses along there that put money in the city coffers via taxes, business licences. I ride a bike and don’t even use the present bike lanes that (City, if you observe) are hardly used by riders. Really put some thought into this decision, City, before you do this, not a good plan at all.

ROAST: To the Kenney government for their deceptive spin about the Rutherford scholarshi­ps. It is important we all remain tuned in to what this government is doing each day. Oh how we miss Rachel!

ROAST: Oh how the socialist NDP hate oil and gas! Many of them have walked in pipeline protest marches and their hatred of the UCP pushback through the Energy Centre is further proof!

ROAST: To our justice system, we have people running around stabbing and assaulting people and the judge tells them to go home and be good. This isn’t the schoolyard and these aren’t children, really? The police have a drug house under surveillan­ce for two years before they shut it down; I really feel for the people who had to live in that neighbourh­ood. Two weeks would have been enough in my opinion. I guess nowadays nothing gets done till shots fired; taxpayers are on the backburner while the people who don’t work, don’t pay taxes are running the city?

ROAST: Employees who wear Bluetooth ear pieces for their personal cellphones while working and carry on personal conversati­ons while serving customers! It is not only extremely rude, the individual who is not on the other end of the phone has no idea if you’re actually listening or talking to them. An additional ROAST: To employers who allow this! Personal use of cellphones, unless it is an emergency, while working should not be allowed!

ROAST: For the lack of comment or acknowledg­ement by our U.S. neighbours for the 63 Canadian lives lost because of the air tragedy just outside of Tehran.

TOAST: To the students, teachers and musical directors for an amazing concert Wednesday night put on by the LCI choir! Fabulous music and talent. What a great night!

ROAST: Recycling pickup every other week isn’t working. Too much garbage buildup and little recycling. We need three weeks garbage pickup and one week recycling.

TOAST: To the Lethbridge police and medical people having to deal with all the transients and druggies infesting our once great city with all their drug problems and accompanyi­ng criminal behaviour.

ROAST: Please be a responsibl­e pet owner! There is a cat that roams in the Riverdale Terrace area of Riverstone. It has made many visits to our backyard overnight, and during the day. As we have an indoor cat that is occasional­ly on a harness in our yard, we really would appreciate you keeping your cat out of fights, and away from ours. If you don’t want us to trap your cat and take it to the pound, I suggest you take care of it at home.

ROAST: I understand freedom of speech. However, political commentato­rs in the Herald, who choose to repeatedly use the term “ignorant seniors,” are out of line and disrespect­ful.

ROAST: Does anyone know how to get anything out of Taber’s WIFI, full bars, no internet joke.

TOAST: My wife and I wish to extend our most heartfelt sympathy to families everywhere who lost loved ones in the airliner crash in Iran. We are thinking of you in this time of unimaginab­le grief.

ROAST: To the 28 per cent of Canadians who think Trump is doing a good job. The number will probably decrease when people realize Trump’s foolish bid for a “big score,” an assassinat­ion of an Iranian general, brought on the incompeten­t Iranian response of shooting down a passenger plane with 63 Canadians killed.

ROAST: To the premier and his cutbacks for disabled people. When someone who is severely disabled, turns 18 or 19 and has to leave a school environmen­t, none of the agencies will take them because there will be no increased funding to cover the new individual­s who need care and programs.

TOAST: To Shannon Phillips for her very detailed listing in the Friday Lethbridge Herald of the cuts the Jason Kenney government is doing right now, including job losses and service cuts here in town. By comparison MLA Neudorf’s column on the same day doesn’t mention anything about the cuts or the $4.3 billion in tax revenue that won’t be collected.

ROAST: To the MLA and her SACPA presentati­on. At what point in time are you going to realize that fiscally responsibl­e Albertans voted (by majority) to stop the ludicrous spending of money we don’t have by the NDP? The majority spoke and want the spending controlled. Your government raised business taxes and it resulted in $5 billion plus less revenue.

TOAST: To the University of Lethbridge. It was unintended, but you can now walk indoors for almost 40 minutes by going from the climbing wall, down through one tunnel, to the sixth floor, up and around the new science building and back. It even involves climbing four flights of stairs on the way back, a good bit of exercise when it is too cold outside.

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