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Alberta gov’t needs to start restoring public trust


To Premier Kenney: I have some questions for you and your government. My concerns are for all the people of Alberta, no matter their income.

1. Your UCP platform states that your government will be creating jobs. However, your recent budget has resulted in the loss of jobs. In your long-range plan, this might make sense to you, but what are these people to do in the meantime?

2. Your UCP platform also states you will bring “common sense to education” and yet your government has cut teachers out of any decision making. Who knows better what is best for the education of our children than teachers?

a. Your UCP platform states that you will be “supporting postsecond­ary education” and yet, you have taken the cap off of tuition costs. Who does this benefit?

b. Your cuts to education are disastrous. I would strongly suggest that you close down your “War Room” and put that money into the future of our children.

c. You must give back the ATA pension.

3. There are reports that your government has granted over $4 billion to corporatio­ns. This just does not compute for me, when I see people being laid off and schools being pillaged. 4. Leave our CPP alone. 5. Your “Health Care Guarantee” sounds wonderful and yet we hear reports on the news that suggest your government is leaning towards privatizin­g health care. Please tell me this isn’t true.

6. The debacle over the “Rutherford Scholarshi­ps” is embarrassi­ng. Your government needs to come clean on that.

7. The terminatio­n of the contract of Alberta’s election commission­er, Lorne Gibson, appears to be in your best interests. This is just too convenient and it reeks of coverup. We need honesty.

8. The UCP platform states that your government plans to “strengthen democracy.” Talk of separating from Canada does not strengthen democracy. We do not need a divisive government leading our province. We need to be working together, with our provincial brothers and sisters, as well as with our federal government.

9. Rather than making these brutal (attacks) cuts to our essential systems, why not introduce a five per cent provincial tax? Everyone, the rich and the not so rich, would be paying the same.

The UCP platform states it is “Restoring Public Trust on Property Rights.” It is time to stand up and start simply “Restoring Public Trust.” Ruth Pelletier

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