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School busing decision should be revisited



With the recent departure of Lethbridge City Manager Bramwell Strain, after less than a year and a half on the job, there is an opportunit­y to revisit one of his most controvers­ial recommenda­tions: that the City divest its involvemen­t with school bus transporta­tion.

For 50 years the City and the Lethbridge Public and Holly Spirit School Boards have co-operated in providing school bus transporta­tion which was safe, convenient and costeffect­ive. To suddenly decide at this late date that the City needs of get out of this successful partnershi­p because of liability concerns does not stand up to scrutiny.

The major reason liability has not been an issue over a period of half a century is that the partners have worked out a system that works. But if there should be a liability issue in the future, is there anyone who seriously believes the school boards wouldn’t be at the table with the City to find a solution? This is Lethbridge, and we do partnershi­ps well! Robert D. Tarleck


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