25 ideal plants for a tea gar­den

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Op­tions are al­most lim­it­less with so many flavoured va­ri­eties now avail­able. Har­vest these herbs fre­quently as mint can be­come ag­gres­sive in the gar­den. Here are some of our tea mak­ing favourites.

( Men­tha x piperita). Pep­per­mint has a ro­bust flavour that is won­der­ful for mak­ing teas to calm up­set stom­achs, aid in di­ges­tion or help re­lieve a headache.

( Men­tha piperita ‘Ci­trata’). This mint has a strong citrus aroma and flavour. Spicier than many other va­ri­eties it makes an ex­cel­lent tea.

( Men­tha spi­cata for iced teas, drinks and desserts.

( Men­tha suave­olens). Ap­ple mint has a less in­tense flavour and smells lightly of ap­ples.

( Men­tha suave­olens ‘Var­ie­gata’). A light fruity scent, this is ex­cel­lent for iced teas.

( Men­tha piperita ‘Choco­late’). This mint has a flavour sim­i­lar to pep­per­mint pat­ties with a co­coa scent. It makes won­der­ful iced teas.

( Men­tha spi­cata). Spearmint con­tains much less men­thol than other mint va­ri­eties. It's great for di­ges­tion. ( monarda didyma). This mem­ber of the mint fam­ily is also known as berg­amot. It is the source of Earl Grey’s unique flavour, a mix of citrus and spice. Use the younger leaves and flow­ers for tea.

( Nepeta cataria). An­other mem­ber of the mint fam­ily, these fuzzy scal­lop-shaped leaves have a lemon-mint flavour. If you have a cat, be cau­tious when dry­ing it, and be ready to share.

Pep­per­mint Orange mint Straw­berry mint Ap­ple mint Pineap­ple mint Choco­late mint Spearmint Bee balm Cat­nip

'straw­berry'). De­li­cious

( Melissa of­fic­i­nalis). This mint fam­ily mem­ber has scal­loped lemon scented leaves that are divine in evening teas. Lemon balm is best brewed fresh.

Lemon Balm

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