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1. Au­tumn Cro­cus: Toxic. Causes sting­ing in the mouth, vom­it­ing, di­ar­rhea and seizures. 2. Azalea: Toxic. Just a few leaves can cause vom­it­ing, di­ar­rhea and in se­vere cases coma and death. 3. Ger­ber Daisy: Safe. These bright patches of hap­pi­ness are safe for your pet. 4. Pe­ony: Toxic. These gar­den reg­u­lars pose a health haz­ard for pets in­clud­ing vom­it­ing and di­ar­rhea. 5. Sun­flower: Safe. Noth­ing to worry about here 6. Daf­fodil: Toxic. While the whole plant is dan­ger­ous for your pet, the bulb is the most toxic part. 7. Polka Dot Plant: Safe. Adds a splash of pink all sum­mer long and is com­pletely safe for your pet. 8. Snap­dragon: Safe. Every­one loves snap­drag­ons, even Fido! 9. Lily: Toxic. Many va­ri­eties are ex­tremely dan­ger­ous. Make sure you check what kind you have. 10. Pep­per­mint: Safe. Not only is this plant safe but your pet may seek it out when they have an up­set tummy. 11. Aloe vera: Toxic. Oddly enough, this plant is great for hu­mans but for pets…not so much. 12. Pansy: Safe. We love to use them to pretty-up our sal­ads and they are safe for Garfield and Snoopy to eat as well.

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