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Hal­loween is not quite here, Christ­mas is ev­ery­where and we are still prep­ping for win­ter. Like clean­ing the flower beds, mulching to pro­tect and putting cones on the roses. Don’t for­get to get all the bulbs planted like tulips, al­lium, gar­lic, etc. Also the ev­er­greens will al­ways need mois­ture even through the win­ter if we don’t re­ceive any snow. That be­ing said the de­cid­u­ous trees and shrubs will need to be wa­tered in very well be­fore the ground freezes. The ev­er­greens could be sprayed with a prod­uct call Wilt Pruf that guards against mois­ture loss. Ex­ces­sive mois­ture loss from plants causes se­vere wilt­ing, shock or plant fail­ure in the win­ter when dry­ing winds and frozen ground de­prive plants of their nat­u­ral mois­ture in­take. Wilt Pruf forms a pro­tec­tive coat­ing which holds mois­ture in, re­duc­ing wa­ter loss dur­ing stress. One ap­pli­ca­tion a year sprayed in the late fall when the tem­per­a­ture is above freez­ing so that the spray will not freeze on the fo­liage is great for cedars and ju­nipers.

It is also a great time to pre­pare and amend all gar­den beds, veg­etable raised gar­dens and rose beds. The weather is still warm and work­able ground is not frozen, so you can add com­post, steer ma­nure and just top up with peat moss and top soil. The nu­tri­ents of your dif­fer­ent soils will work into your soil for spring plant­ing. Mulching around the roses, peren­ni­als and shrub­bery is a great idea to pro­tect them from nasty, old Mr. Win­ter.

Cute, lit­tle deer prob­lem? Don’t for­get to spray with Plantskydd re­pel­lant in the fall. Spray on all trees, shrubs and ev­er­greens. This will help keep the deer, rab­bits and voles away for most of the win­ter. The Plantskydd is 100 per cent or­ganic with no harm to an­i­mals. Some­times it is bet­ter to paint it on the trees as the ready-to-use spray bot­tle clogs up un­less you shake it like a mad man.

You can also use your pa­tio pots for fall mums, pan­sies, grasses, dog­wood twigs and or­na­ments. Then again for win­ter beauty with fresh green, berries, sticks rib­bons and bows.

Last but not least — don’t for­get the birds. Clean the bird houses and feed­ers, re­fill with fresh seeds and berries. If you have spruce, sumac, Vir­ginia creep­ers, crabap­ples in your yard all of these plants at­tract the birds. Birds love the fruit and seeds. The spruce will of­fer nest­ing places and shel­ter. The birds will eat the cones and most berries. Birds bring life to your gar­dens even on the drea­ri­est days.

One more thing most peo­ple like to have is a trop­i­cal plant in the house, just for some­thing green and calm­ing and clean­ing the air. You can also con­tinue to grow herbs in­side and eat healthy all through the win­ter. We have lit­tle grow gar­dens, grow domes and grow ta­bles with lights. Keep grow­ing and keep green. Joyce Swaren is the owner and head hor­ti­cul­tur­al­ist at Blondie's Gift and Gar­den.

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