City moose sight­ings seem to be on the rise

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An in­ter­preter at Po­lice Point Park says he’s no­ticed more moose sight­ings than usual in the past cou­ple years.

“It’s a lit­tle out of the or­di­nary,” Marty Drut said. “It could mean that there’s more moose around and they’re just tak­ing up in ar­eas where other moose haven’t set up ter­ri­to­ries.”

He’s lived in the Hat since 2006 and has no­ticed a clear in­crease in moose sight­ings, although it’s dif­fi­cult to de­ter­mine pre­cisely how many be­cause the an­i­mals tend to move around.

One pair of moose in the Po­lice Point area is be­lieved to have moved to the Saamis Teepee area, added Drut.

“They seem to be mov­ing around more,” he said. “I don’t know if they’re the same an­i­mals, but (based on) pic­tures that I’ve seen of them, (it) seems to be an adult fe­male with a mostly-full-grown young.”

In the past, there would be a sight­ing every cou­ple of years.

“Now it seems to be con­stant,” said Drut.


This moose took refuge from the wind by rest­ing in some grass in South Ridge. Marty Drut of the In­ter­pre­tive Cen­tre at Po­lice Point Park says there have been more re­ports of moose sight­ings this year than any year he can re­mem­ber.

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