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Re: “Lougheed’s wi­som wasn’t fol­lowed by suc­ceed­ing Con­ser­va­tive pre­miers,” Dec. 10 How could so many Al­ber­tans be wrong? We have much to learn from Peter Mueller’s wis­dom; he teaches us that mil­lions of vot­ers from the past were not mak­ing wise de­ci­sions and Al­ber­tans were bribed. Mueller says: “PC gov­ern­ments self­serv­ingly bought the vot­ing pub­lic through ar­ti­fi­cially low taxes and the ab­sence of a sales tax.” Rachel Not­ley has not im­ple­mented a sales tax. Peter, is she try­ing to buy our vote?

Mueller ad­mits that com­par­ing Al­berta to Nor­way is “ap­ples and or­anges,” yet he uses the com­par­i­son. He never brings up the tax­a­tion levels and so­cial­ist poli­cies of Nor­way when dis­cussing how won­der­ful they are, be­cause he is a fan of so­cial­ism, sim­i­lar to the Marx­ist party sup­port­ers who were at the last Al­berta NDP con­ven­tion.

Now Mueller wants to com­pare Al­berta to Alaska. Amer­i­can states are far more au­tonomous than Cana­dian prov­inces; for ex­am­ple sev­eral states have le­gal­ized mar­i­juana, yet mar­i­juana re­mains il­le­gal in the U.S. fed­er­ally. In con­trast the Cana­dian gov­ern­ment im­poses mar­i­juana on the prov­inces. B.C. buys fuel from Washington state made from Alaskan oil; shipped within sight of Vic­to­ria, on the same wa­ters that Al­ber­tans are told they can not use. Yes, Alaska has many ad­van­tages over Al­berta.

I do un­der­stand equal­iza­tion is in the Cana­dian con­sti­tu­tion; how­ever the politi­cized, ever-chang­ing for­mula is not part of the con­sti­tu­tion and that is the real issue. Next year Que­bec will get a $1.4 bil­lion in­crease in trans­fer pay­ments, the same year as the fed­eral elec­tion; co­in­ci­dence? Some­one has to fund $7 per day day­care, low tu­ition and the sub­si­dized elec­tric power rates that Que­bec en­joys, might as well be Al­berta. Que­bec is fore­cast­ing a $3 bil­lion sur­plus, while Premier Rachel Not­ley is over­spend­ing by $9.1 bil­lion. How bad would it have to get in Al­berta, for our tax dol­lars to get in­vested in Al­berta projects rather than Que­bec? I can only imag­ine what cre­ative leg­is­la­tion Trudeau would im­ple­ment if Al­berta had tril­lions of dol­lars in a bank ac­count.

Mr. Mueller, I’ll agree to dis­agree; you con­tinue to be­lieve in so­cial­ist utopia with gov­ern­ment con­trol­ling ev­ery as­pect of your life, I’ll side with the 52 per cent of Al­ber­tans that voted for con­ser­va­tive par­ties in the last elec­tion.

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