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Judge grants adjournmen­t in tax evasion case against former Alberta MP



A tax evasion case involving former Conservati­ve member of Parliament Rob Anders has been put over to next month.

Provincial court Judge Joanne Durant granted an adjournmen­t to Jan. 29, but said she wants to see significan­t movement on the file.

Defence lawyer Paul Brunnen argued that he needs more time to review an extensive amount of material against his client.

Court documents show that tax authoritie­s allege Anders failed to report more than $750,000 in net income over five years.

He faces five charges, including tax evasion, some of which date back to his time in politics.

Anders, 48, was elected as a Reform MP in 1997 and went on to represent his Calgary riding until 2015.

The charges stem from an audit in 2012 and 2013, which found reported net rental losses on properties in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario at the same time as there were “unexplaine­d” deposits in his bank account.

None of the allegation­s has been proven in court.

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