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How to make a fun and easy holiday pop-up card


Homemade cards were popular in the early 1900s. Today, many people still enjoy making their own cards.

To make a holiday pop-up card, you can use your own art ideas or use pop-up printables found online, or follow the gift and bow template shown here.

• 2 pieces of card stock or constructi­on paper

• Extra constructi­on paper

• Glue stick • Scissors

• Art supplies to decorate with (markers, glitter, extra paper)

Step 1: Fold constructi­on paper or card stock in half.

Step 2: Cut slits at the center of your card. The paper between the cuts will form a tab that you'll glue your

pop-up art to. Make as many tabs you will need for your pop-up art. Open card, fold tabs inward and crease each tab at the center. This will be the inside of your card.

Step 3: Print or draw your pop-up art. Step 4: Cut the art out and glue to each tab.

Step 5: Fold a second piece of paper or card stock in half. This will be the out-side part of your card. Guide the first (inside) part of your part of the card to the second piece and press together, hiding the tab cutouts.

Step 6: Decorate your card with glitter, stickers or a personaliz­ed message.

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