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Fashion mogul Peter Nygard to remain behind bars



Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard, who faces charges in the United States of using his influence to lure women and girls for sex, will remain in jail after his bail hearing was adjourned.

Nygard, who is 79, was arrested in Winnipeg in December under the

Extraditio­n Act and faces nine counts in the southern District of New York, including racketeeri­ng and sex traffickin­g.

Jay Prober, Nygard’s lawyer, requested the release and argued he is concerned about his client’s health and that Nygard is not a flight risk.

Prober has said his client denies all the allegation­s.

Lawyers for the Attorney General of Canada say Nygard has a history of not showing up to court and has the means to flee.

The bail hearing is to continue Jan. 19.

Documents from the U.S. Attorney’s Office allege Nygard frequently targeted women and underage girls from disadvanta­ged economic background­s with promises of modelling and other financial opportunit­ies.

They allege the criminal conduct occurred over 25 years and involved dozens of women in the United States, the Bahamas and Canada, among other locations.

The U.S. indictment alleges Nygard forcibly sexually assaulted many women and girls, some who were between 14 and 17 years old. It alleges others were forcibly assaulted by Nygard’s associates or drugged to ensure their compliance with his sexual demands.

Nygard stepped down as chairman of his company after the FBI and police raided his offices in New York City in February.

He is also the subject of a class-action lawsuit in the U.S. with similar allegation­s involving 57 women, including 18 Canadians. It alleges Nygard used violence, intimidati­on, bribery and company employees to lure victims and avoid accountabi­lity for decades.

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