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Fentanyl that caused fatal overdose gets six years for seller


A former Edmonton drug dealer has been sentenced to six years behind bars for selling a mix of fentanyl and methamphet­amine to a 39-year-old man who died of an overdose.

Jamie Michael Dixon is to serve his sentence for criminal negligence concurrent­ly with a five-year sentence for drug traffickin­g.

Dixon pleaded guilty to the two charges last fall after the death of Jody Angell in 2017.

Police received a call about Angell’s body in the early hours of a chilly February morning.

Angell was found bent over on the steering wheel in a car parked at a south Edmonton strip mall.

Dixon’s lawyer, Paul Moreau, says after his client sold the drugs to Angell, Dixon texted and called the man multiple times to warn him of the danger and to ask if he was all right.

By that point, Angell’s breathing had slowed, he went into a coma and died in the car.

Court heard, Dixon said he grew up in Toronto and moved to Edmonton in 2015 in search of a better life.

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