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Renewables have better potential to create jobs and maintain them


Dear editor,

A letter in regard to U.S. President Joe Biden’s

Keystone XL pipeline cancelatio­n.

From my understand­ing, a notable move towards a renewable-energy industry economy has greater potential for both Canadian job creation and maintainin­g them, than does oil.

The latter’s definitely on its way out.

Still, it must be convenient for the oil industry to have such a large portion of society too tired and worried about feeding, housing and guarding their families against COVID-19 while on a substandar­d income to criticize it for the global environmen­tal damage it causes — particular­ly when not immediatel­y observable.

About two years ago, Canada’s supposedly environmen­tally concerned Liberal government — besides tripling the diluted bitumen flow westward — gave the fossil fuel sector 12-fold the subsidizat­ion they allocated towards renewable energy innovation.

Such heavily lopsided subsidizat­ion must not reoccur.

Frank Sterle Jr. White Rock, B.C.

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