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Rescuers used ropes to save unprepared hikers from treacherou­s slope near Vancouver


Two hikers who were unprepared for the icy and treacherou­s conditions on Vancouver’s North Shore mountains are unhurt, but searches say the two spent several uncomforta­ble hours awaiting rescue on Sunday.

North Shore Rescue says the men hopped a fence to scale a challengin­g but currently closed trail up the side of Grouse Mountain, but strayed off the steep path and into the restricted area of the Capilano watershed.

They became stuck on icy, snowy bluffs just above some cliffs and Scott Merriman with North Shore Rescue says by the time help arrived, one man was leaning on a tree while the second had grabbed some tree roots to avoid sliding any closer to the cliff edge.

In a social media post, rescue officials say the two had no plan, no appropriat­e winter equipment and poor cellphone capability.

Team members say the two were able to call 911, possibly saving their lives because searchers would have been unlikely to check that restricted area.

The hikers were walked out of the area just before 2 a.m. Monday and North Shore Rescue says the call, in rain, sleet and near freezing temperatur­es, was the third answered by the volunteer group Sunday.

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