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South captured the king with the ace to continue with the spade queen on which East discarded the jack of hearts. A club to the queen was followed by a diamond for the jack and queen. West returned the ten of spades for dummy's jack as declarer tried a low heart for the ten, queen and king. West exited with the four of hearts and the game drifted down one. South's decision to draw a second round of trump was fatal on this layout. Declarer was a tad unlucky that trump divided 3-1 and that West held both diamond honors and the king of hearts. However, both black suit kings were onside. The trump lead was an unwelcome beginning but South should plan to score two diamond ruffs in dummy. Unfortunat­ely, this line will fail because West holds three clubs and only two hearts. West would score the ten of spades in this scenario. Double-dummy, South could succeed by drawing the last trump after one diamond ruff and one club ruff and playing ace and another heart. West has been reduced to diamonds where South's king of diamonds would furnish a tenth winner.

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