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Herrell gets 7.5 years for his crimes


(Note to readers: The following report includes disturbing material.)

A Medicine Hat man has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to sex crimes involving children and animals.

Cody Herrell was originally charged with bestiality and child pornograph­y in late 2019, and later police added sexual assault and sexual interferen­ce charges of a sleeping adult man and more charges related to videos he made and swapped with others involving a toddler.

The sentence was announced April 8 in Medicine Hat provincial court.

At a hearing on March 5 the Crown sought a 10-year global sentence due to the serious nature of the charges, the prolonged period in which he filmed himself engaging in sex acts with dogs, and violent nature of videos he possessed from other sources.

Herrell’s defence lawyer argued that six and a half years would be more appropriat­e considerin­g the 27-year-old former nursing student was himself assaulted as a young teenager.

“It is clear this individual suffers from more than one sexual disorder and at present represents a risk to society,” wrote judge J.N. Legrandeur, stating a total of eigth years would be fashioned, but six months for the bestiality charge could be served concurrent­ly.

“However, there is, as noted herein before, optimism that he is rehabilita­table and he is desirous of achieving the same.”

Herrell has no other criminal record, pled guilty and has said he will take part in counsellin­g at the Bowden Institutio­n while incarcerat­ed.

Evidence presented at the March hearing stated that videos separately involved children and animals, but other videos in his collection showed “violent” assault of young males.

He is also barred for a period of at least 15 years from attending public parks, schools or any place people under the age of 16 are expected to gather, working or volunteeri­ng in areas with access to minors.

Also included in restrictio­ns is a 10-year prohibitio­n on owning weapons or owning or having custody of any animal.

Those restrictio­ns begin upon his release from prison.

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