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Liberal MP caught stark naked during House of Commons video conference


A Liberal MP was caught wearing his birthday suit in the virtual House of Commons.

William Amos, who has represente­d the Quebec riding of Pontiac since 2015, appeared on the screens of his fellow members of Parliament completely naked Wednesday,

A screenshot obtained by The Canadian Press shows him standing between the Quebec and Canadian flags, his private parts hidden, in what appears to be his office.

Bloc Quebecois MP Claude DeBellefeu­ille, the party whip, raised the incident in a point of order after question period, suggesting that parliament­ary decorum requires male MPs to wear a jacket and tie — and a shirt, underwear and trousers.

Amos, who did not speak in during question period on Wednesday and therefore did not show up on the main screen, did not immediatel­y respond to requests for comment.

Speaker Anthony Rota later thanked DeBellefeu­ille for her “observatio­ns” and clarified that while he had not seen anything, he checked with technician­s and confirmed they saw something.

Only people connected to the platform were able to see the interactio­ns of other members during the question period in virtual mode. Amos, a backbench MP, did not speak on Wednesday.

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