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Ticked Off

People can’t follow the rules, packing churches and bars, not wearing masks, not getting their shots. Now we are in another lockdown. I hope you are happy.

Ticked Off

Please, someone throw their hat in for this fall’s election, we have two fencesitte­rs on council ... nonbelieve­rs ... let’s wait and see attitudes. Science is proof of what is happening in the world! MHPS, please enfoce the regulation­s with fines as education is not working, it has been more than a year!

Ticked Off Why dont dentists post their fees online? Where is the transparen­cy? parking at the vaccinatio­n site on the first day of vaccinatin­g people with disabiliti­es. Once again, it shows people this city’s attitude toward marginaliz­ed people.

Tickled Pink

Ticked Off Our city councillor­s should keep their personal opinions off the table. What kind of message have you sent to the city’s population, we are set back again!

Ticked Off

That a number of churches broke the COVID rules and the provincial government slammed restrictio­ns on restaurant­s and gyms. The churches got off Scot-free.

Ticked Off

With the City of Medicine Hat blocking off the handicap

My compliment­s to Drew Barnes for sharing his considerab­le MLA salary with charities. All MLAs should be doing the same. Compliment­s also to Mr. Barnes for representi­ng his constituen­ts rather than sticking to the party line.

Ticked Off Already seeing restaurant­s and bars flaunting that they are going to ignore restrictio­ns and put our community at risk. I guess I just know which businesses I will not be supporting anymore.

Ticked Off What are Medicine Hat MLAs thinking? They, like a certain mayor and alderman, are more concerned about buying peoples’ votes than protecting the lives of our citizens. Time for a change. Remember this at election time.

Tickled Pink

Calgary’s retiring mayor is an example of a well-run city. He advocates for his city, not his personal agenda.

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