As the story goes, it was love at first laugh

Mr. D star Naomi Snieckus on meet­ing and mar­ry­ing her comedic coun­ter­part, Matt Baram

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This month, sit­com Mr. D will be go­ing into its fi­nal sea­son on CBC-TV, so we caught up with ev­ery­one’s favourite gym teacher, Bobbi Galka, a.k.a. Naomi Snieckus. Here she gives us the in­side scoop on what it’s like when two co­me­di­ans (her and hus­band Matt Baram) fall in love.

How they met

We met at Sec­ond City Toronto — it was love at first laugh!

The pro­posal

It was my birth­day, and Matt had planned to take me out for a fancy din­ner. When it came time to go out, I said to Matt: “Wouldn’t you rather just or­der Chi­nese food and watch a movie in our py­ja­mas?” He said, “Well, yes.” His lack of en­thu­si­asm con­fused me. He loves Chi­nese food. He agreed to change our plans on one con­di­tion: I come with him to pick up din­ner. To which I agreed, also on one con­di­tion: I’m not get­ting out of my py­ja­mas. So, we grabbed Chi­nese food, and on the way home, he con­vinced me to sneak into a bar and have a fancy cock­tail in the cor­ner. It was my birth­day af­ter all. We snuck into the Soho Ho­tel, and as we parked in the un­der­ground lot he said, “We’re ac­tu­ally stay­ing here tonight!” What fun! Luck­ily, I had my “nice” py­ja­mas on, the kind that peo­ple may think I was wear­ing to a yoga class. He showed me to our room that he’d set up ear­lier with straw­ber­ries, cham­pagne and lovely mu­sic. I burst into tears. “Since you’re cry­ing al­ready.…” And he bent down on one knee and pro­posed to me. I sat down on the floor with him, and we both cried at how lucky we were. Then, we had Chi­nese food. It was kind of per­fec­tion.

The wed­ding

We got mar­ried at Toronto City Hall. Not so fancy, but we were get­ting our green cards so needed it to be speedy. I thought it was go­ing to be a quick sign­ing of pa­per, but it ended up be­ing in­cred­i­bly mov­ing. Our dear friend Dov Mick­el­son was able to take off time from re­hearsals and be there. He put on some Ella Fitzger­ald in place of the or­gan mu­sic. Matt’s aunt and un­cle hap­pened to be in town, so they were there too. Then our two fa­thers were present, and we did some re­ally great awk­ward pho­tos in the square out front. It was ex­actly right.

Bal­anc­ing ca­reers and mar­riage

This is a con­stant jug­gling act. Like, if we were in the cir­cus, we wouldn’t be jug­gling chain­saws, bouncy balls and ap­ples. We’d be jug­gling show pro­duc­ing, act­ing ca­reers and im­pro­vised pod­casts. Matt and I are part­ners in ev­ery­thing: writ­ing, im­prov, pro­duc­ing. We’ve fig­ured out our roles when it comes to cre­ative stuff, but are al­ways jug­gling life and art. Some­times date night turns into a pro­duc­tion meet­ing.

Shared hob­bies

This is tricky be­cause the line be­tween hob­bies and ca­reer is blurry. We pro­duce our own com­edy shows and our pod­cast

Baram & Snieckus, so that is some­thing we share. We also have a lit­tle cot­tage that we love fix­ing up. We spend most hours in the day to­gether, so pretty much ev­ery­thing is shared! Is clean­ing the fridge a hobby? We share that too!

The home

We live in Lit­tle Italy and have for at least 10 years. We love it!

Se­cret to suc­cess

Laugh­ter. I mean, doesn’t that go for ev­ery­one? Joanne Wood­ward said: “Sex­i­ness wears thin af­ter a while and beauty fades, but to be mar­ried to a man who makes you laugh ev­ery day, ah, now that’s a real treat.” I know I’m lucky to be mar­ried to a man that makes me laugh ev­ery day. Even if I don’t feel like laugh­ing, he finds a way. And to be on­stage with him and see peo­ple en­joy­ing his com­edy ge­nius is equally re­ward­ing. So the se­cret? Laugh­ter. And know­ing when to go out and have a cof­fee date on your own. Ab­sence makes the heart grow fonder, even if you’re only gone for an hour!

When they’re not work­ing, the pair can be found fix­ing up their cot­tage

Naomi Snieckus and Matt Baram

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