Make This Sushi Cat Toy!

Make these adorable, cat­nip-stuffed sushi toys for your so­phis­ti­cated kitty!

Modern Cat - - Front Page - By Kristina Stephens


Nee­dle Thread: black & white Mea­sur­ing tape Scis­sors Felt in: black, white, red, pink & green Cat­nip (around 4-5 Tbsp) or cot­ton bat­ting


1 Cut 2 white cir­cles (2” in di­am­e­ter) for rice; 1 black rec­tan­gle (1.5” x 6.5”) for sea­weed; 2 pieces of green for av­o­cado; 2 pieces of pink for ginger; and 2 pieces of red for salmon.

2 Stitch 1 piece of the red, green and pink to each of the white cir­cles.

3 Us­ing a blan­ket stitch, stitch the ends of the black rec­tan­gle to make a cir­cle.

4 Sew both rice rounds onto the sea­weed. Leave a small open­ing on one side.

5 Fill the roll with the cat­nip or cot­ton bat­ting. Stitch the hole closed and present to your dis­cern­ing cat. These also make a su­per-cute gift for a cat-lov­ing friend!

Don’t have the time—or dex­ter­ity—to make your own sushi toys? Check out the cat­nip-in­fused Maki and Ni­giri toys from munchiecat. Their so­phis­ti­cated sushi sets will please even the most dis­cern­ing fe­line. From $30, Ama­

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