The Founder of Bum­ble and Bum­ble Wants You to Never Sham­poo Your Hair—Or Your Dog—Again

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Your bath­room likely re­veals a clut­ter of prob­lem-solv­ing hair prod­ucts: sham­poos, con­di­tion­ers, hair balms, styling prod­ucts—and of course, spe­cial sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers for your pets too; dogs and cats suf­fer from a lot of the same hair prob­lems that hu­mans do, among them dry or oily hair and skin, itchy patches, dan­druff, and more, so that’s another cou­ple bot­tles to add to the pile.

Michael Gor­don, the founder of famed hair em­pire Bum­ble and Bum­ble, aims to change all that with New Wash, the foun­da­tion prod­uct of his hair care com­pany Hairstory. And it’s rev­o­lu­tion­ary. Our shower now con­tains a sin­gle bot­tle of New Washcno sham­poo, con­di­tioner, leave in, dog sham­poo, noth­ing—just New Wash.

But let’s back this up a minute. Michael sold Bum­ble and Bum­ble to Es­tee Lauder in 2010 and then took a bunch of time to re­flect, do yoga, and make a film about Vi­dal Sas­soon. Dur­ing this time, he came to re­al­ize that the counter-full of hair care prod­ucts peo­ple were obliged to buy were ne­ces­si­tated by one thing: a suds­ing deter­gent called sodium lau­ryl sul­fate, used by pretty much ev­ery com­pany that makes cleansers. Michael says this is the root of most hair prob­lems, dry­ing out your hair and cre­at­ing the need for an end­less ar­ray of other prod­ucts.

New Wash, in con­trast, is a blend of es­sen­tial oils and deter­gent-free clean­ers de­signed to wash, con­di­tion, de­tan­gle, and re­pair hair us­ing only one prod­uct. And it’s safe and ef­fec­tive for dogs, cats, and ba­bies too. One prod­uct for the whole fam­ily! “To put it re­ally sim­ply,” Michael told

Forbes, “the magic here is not what’s in New Wash, but what isn’t in it. What peo­ple don’t re­al­ize is that what’s in sham­poo, no mat­ter the price, is es­sen­tially wa­ter and some ver­sion of sodium lau­ryl sul­fate or a de­riv­a­tive of that. Sur­fac­tants that are used— whether they are sul­fate free or not—if they foam, they will dry your hair out.

“New Wash is a com­bi­na­tion of aloe vera and es­sen­tial oils and doesn’t have deter­gent, doesn’t foam, doesn’t strip hair but ef­fec­tively cleans hair and scalp. It’s not a co-wash; it cleans hair thor­oughly, sim­ply, but leaves hair feel­ing much bet­ter than be­fore with­out the use of con­di­tioner. When you touch your hair after us­ing New Wash you can im­me­di­ately feel a dif­fer­ence. The other amaz­ing part is that it works equally well on any hair type.”

This in­cludes dogs and cats, as at­tested to by Hairstory team mem­bers Theo the PomChi cross and Bug the Tabby mix, as well as Modern Dog team mem­ber Es­ther the Minia­ture Dachshund. Bug in par­tic­u­lar, who suf­fers from al­ler­gies, had dif­fi­culty find­ing a hair care prod­uct that didn’t cause a re­ac­tion. With New Wash his fur now looks lovely and lu­mi­nous and his skin is happy. Get ready to free up some counter space!

Gina Schi­ap­pacasse, Hairstory’s Press Li­a­son & So­cial Me­dia Di­rec­tor with Theo, her 7-year-old Pom-Chi who only gets bathed with New Wash.

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