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Is the Brus­sels Grif­fon or the Pem­broke Welsh Corgi the dog for you?

• En­ergy level: Some­what Ac­tive: The AKC de­scribes Griffs as a spunky breed that loves to play and share long, daily walks.

• Barks when nec­es­sary

This in­tel­li­gent, cheer­ful, and de­ter­mined breed is loaded with per­son­al­ity, a trait ev­i­denced by its hu­man­like fa­cial ex­pres­sions. A mem­ber of the Toy group, the Brus­sels Grif­fon nonethe­less has many typ­i­cal ter­rier char­ac­ter­is­tics and makes a good watch­dog. Ap­pear­ance-wise, the breed is com­pact and sturdy. The Brus­sels Grif­fon weighs be­tween eight and ten pounds and the breed’s coat comes in both rough and smooth va­ri­eties; al­low­able colours in­clude red, black, black and tan, or beige. This breed has roots as a rat­ter—Bel­gian coach­men sought small ter­ri­ers to con­trol rat pop­u­la­tions in sta­bles so Bel­gian street dogs were bred with the Ger­man Af­fen­pin­scher to cre­ate a wire-coated sta­ble dog known as the Grif­fons d’Ecurier. Over time, those Grif­fons were crossed with a va­ri­ety of breeds, in­clud­ing the Pug, the black and tan King Charles Spaniel, and the English Toy Spaniel. The end re­sult: the Brus­sels Grif­fon. To­day, the Grif­fon's sin­gu­lar pur­pose is to serve as a loyal com­pan­ion, and they are well suited to the task, given how closely they bond with their own­ers. This Vel­cro dog will be stuck right to your side. The com­pact Brus­sels Grif­fon does not re­quire a lot of ex­er­cise, but those in­ter­ested in pur­su­ing other ac­tiv­i­ties will find this in­tel­li­gent breed re­sponds well to train­ing and can ex­cel at learn­ing tricks, con­for­ma­tion, obe­di­ence, agility, and fly­ball, among other ac­tiv­i­ties.

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