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IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, just ask the universe. That’s step one in the ‘law’ that defines a self-help phenomenon spreading like good gossip. But the more people talk about it, the more complicate­d it gets


Rhonda Byrne wanted to share a big secret with the world. So the Australian television producer made The Secret, a little DVD about something called the Law of Attraction.

Less than a year after it was made, the DVD is at the top of bestseller lists across Canada and the United States. People are attending seminars on the subject by the thousands.

It has also sparked debates about the merits of the spiritual “ law,” which is discussed on the DVD in interviews with a cross-section of philosophe­rs and motivation­al authors.

The DVD was selling quietly on the Internet until this winter, when Oprah gave it her blessing, although she later clarified her support by reminding people the Law of Attraction is not a fix-all solution.

Now, it seems everyone is talking about The Secret and its central message, which is this: We, rather than fate, create what we have in our lives based on the energy we send out.

The DVD is No. 3 on’s bestseller list and No. 2 on

The companion book of the same name is selling briskly, too. It’s been on The Gazette’s special-interest bestseller list for 18 weeks and is at No. 1; the French-language edition hit the list four weeks ago and is also at No. 1.

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