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A safer city for cyclists


Re: “Bypass for cyclists in N.D.G. would cost $3.6M, city says” (Gazette, April 12)

So, the city doesn’t want to pony up $3.6 million to prevent a disaster-inwaiting.

Perhaps the city could offer some of the constructi­on firms named by the Charbonnea­u Commission a chance to do a bit of “community service” and build us all a bike bypass.

As for cyclists taking a short cut, a couple of Montreal’s finest handing out tickets should nix that (as well as bringing in a bit more revenue). Alan Eames


Re: “Engineer remembered as a devoted cyclist” (Gazette, April 11)

The east side of Wellington St. from Bridge St. to de la Montagne appears to have space to incorporat­e a bike path without taking any space away from cars. It would, however, require the constructi­on of a small structure to span the opening where the old Wellington Tunnel entrance is located.

In the city’s urban plan for the Griffintow­n Project for 2008, there is mention of improving the area at Wellington and de la Montagne for pedestrian­s.

It is unfortunat­e that five years later, this idea has still not proceeded to fruition. Ronald Gallant


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