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Golfer’s penalty was unfair


Re: “Guan penalty cruel, unusual and just so hypocritic­al” (Sports, April 13)

Big congratula­tions for the story written by Cam Cole on the hypocritic­al assessment of a penalty on 14-year-old Asian amateur prodigy Tianlang Guan for so-called slow play by The Masters’ rules committee.

What horrified golfing pros and analysts failed to bluntly declare was that it was the most callous act in the history of profession­al golf tournament­s.

One hopes that no racial bias was involved. Imagine if they had tried to administer the same punishment to a young American or European player.

Guan showed great class in his post-incident comments and, above all, he showed awesome grit to make the cut with a testy par on the 18th hole on Friday.

Leo Ryan


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