Montreal Gazette

Spring down south means vegetable variety


Spring in southern growing areas has caused many crops to ripen, and Montreal shoppers should find a good assortment of fresh vegetables in our stores.

Lettuce has improved and come down in price — even romaine and romaine hearts. Celery is cheap, and both broccoli and cauliflowe­r are reasonably priced. New potatoes from Florida will soon be joined by long white potatoes from Califor- nia — usually an excellent spud.

Bell peppers are not cheap. Mexican avocados continue to appear on special.

Red and green grapes from Chile are crisp, juicy and worth the money. Florida’s blueberry crop has appeared in town in small boxes; packers will use bigger boxes as the crop increases.

California tree fruit is ripening. We can expect apricots in two weeks. Forecasts for California sweet cherries predict a medium-sized crop of good, big cherries. Southern-hemisphere apples are on their way, beginning with Granny Smiths and Royal Galas. Quebec apples continue to be a best buy. Mexican mangoes are reasonably priced.

Citrus fruit continues to be in good condition. Navel oranges from California are from the late-season crop and are to be enjoyed right now.

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