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Build link to solve Ste-anne traffic woes


Re.: “Do you still doubt we have no political clout?” Brenda O’Farrell’s blog at westisland­, April 10.

When I saw the teaser line on the front page of the West Island Gazette about how “we now have a monument to how cloutless we are,” my first guess was the abandoned Ste-Anne’s overpasses. Sadly, I was right.

Ultimately, the Sortie 41 “BARRÉE” sign speaks volumes about where the negotiatio­ns between Ste-Anne-deBellevue and the ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) now stand: A true impasse!

As recently as April 9, The Gazette’s Albert Kramberger reported from the last Ste-Anne council meeting that not much has changed. According to the town’s mayor, Francis Deroo, “What we are trying to do is negotiate with the MTQ to find a solution for that (T interchang­e). I always said Ste-Anne shouldn’t pay for that overpass at that intersecti­on.”

So perhaps the time has come for the MTQ to seriously consider a highspeed link from highways 40 to 20 across the Macdonald College farmland, which would completely bypass Boul. des Anciens Combattant­s and its multiple traffic lights, which already impede the flow of highway-to-highway traffic.

Building such a link would at the same time make paying for the work entirely the MTQ’s responsibi­lity and get it out of the stalemate with SteAnne’s town representa­tives.

Greg Rajewski


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