Montreal Gazette

Town to pay for access road


A future access road in St-Lazare will be paid in full by the town, because there are no homes destined to be built along the route.

St-Lazare Mayor Robert Grimaudo said the town will have to pay the full cost of the road, which will allow residents of the Chaline Valley to have another access to the rest of the town. The road will also allow the town to close the level crossing at Ste-Angelique Rd. Because that section of the road is private, there is no gate at the crossing, so trains don’t have to sound their horns. Residents have complained about the train noise.

“This is strictly to get that road into Chaline Valley, and it’s something that really needs to be resolved,” Grimaudo said.

Grimaudo said he doesn’t know if the town can pass on the costs to a future builder once the road is already built. It’s unknown at this point how much the road will cost, but the town plans to spend at least $75,000 from its 2011 surplus to purchase land from private owners.

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