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Organizing a child’s closet


Putting order in a child’s closet can be daunting, but not if you follow these profession­al tips:

“I like to divide by sizes and group them together,” said profession­al organizer Mylène Houle Morency. That way, as kids receive gifts of clothing for future use, rather than stuffing them in a drawer where you’re likely to forget them, they’re at your fingertips instead.

Use dividers inside dresser drawers to keep undergarme­nts, socks, and other items of clothing separated.

“Rolling up clothes, instead of folding them, is the biggest saving grace,” Morency said. “Instead of ( creating) a stack where they go digging for that Elmo shirt and undo all the folding that you did, roll their clothes and place them logo- side up.” Roll tops and bottoms of pyjamas together, too.

Have a section for hanging current clothes, a bin with things they’re about to grow into, and a bin for things that they’ve outgrown. “Label that bin with the size or ( intended) age of its contents,” said organizer Allison Weigensber­g. As your child outgrows something, simply put it in the appropriat­e bin, and when it’s full, you can store it or give its contents away.

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