Montreal Gazette

Children’s library deserves better


The Montreal Children’s Library, due to lack of funding, is being forced to close its branches in Little Burgundy and Shaughness­y Village.

I am outraged the city and other levels of government are not stepping forward to save these outlets. I am equally appalled that while we are ready to spend millions of dollars to light a bridge, on granite tree stumps and even a gazebo, we cannot find sufficient money to fund a library that is vital to any community and which promotes and creates a love of literature.

One of the complaints against some of the projects planned for Montreal’s 375th anniversar­y next year is they will not have a lasting effect. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a birthday than to invest in our future, in children and our communitie­s.

Diverse and unique neighbourh­oods help make Montreal a wonderful city. Libraries can only make our communitie­s stronger. Jimmy Zoubris, Montreal

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