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Education is key to fighting hate


Re: “C.D.N.-N.D.G. borough adopts definition of anti-semitism” (Montreal Gazette, Jan. 28)

We applaud city councillor Lionel Perez and the C.D.N.N.D.G. borough for adopting the IHRA'S definition of anti-semitism on the 76th anniversar­y of the liberation of Auschwitz and Internatio­nal Holocaust Remembranc­e Day.

With anti-semitic hate crimes on the rise, this definition is crucial for a common understand­ing of anti-semitism, enabling us to better prevent, measure and fight it. We encourage other boroughs and the City of Montreal to follow suit.

Education is the key to combating hatred and discrimina­tion. Our schools must teach youth about tolerance and inclusion. We are working with the Quebec government to produce a universal teachers' guide on the subject of genocide, including the Holocaust.

This guide will help young people understand the meaning of and the ultimate consequenc­es of hatred so that they will recognize the warning signs of genocide and prevent history from repeating itself. Cloé Dubuc, The Foundation for Genocide Education, Montreal

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