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Almanac predicts `frosty flip-flop winter'


The Canadian Farmers' Almanac is predicting a soggy, “frosty flip-flop winter with notable polar-coaster swings in temperatur­es.” The perennial question is whether we'll see any big storms.

The almanac has released its winter 2022 forecast, and for Quebec that means a stormy January, a tranquil February punctuated by a “winter whopper” and a rather normal March. January will be damp in the eastern part of Canada with ever-increasing cold, the almanac says. A cold but calm February should keep skiers content.

On average, and taking into account that late-february whopper, snowfall is expected to be near normal, but it will be colder than usual. An early spring appears out of the question, but we'll leave that prediction to Fred la marmotte.

Not to toot its own horn, but the almanac points to last year's accurate forecast, which “red-flagged” storms in January and February.

“Right on schedule, despite the unusually balmy temperatur­es, during the weekend of Jan. 16-17, Quebec was walloped by widespread snow and cold. Quebecers had to shovel between 15 and 35 cm of snow with up to 50 cm in the Gaspé.”

Quebec will be at the mercy of a weak La Nina, according to Météomédia. La Nina is a climate pattern that originates in the Pacific Ocean and heralds colder temperatur­es for parts of Canada. During an average winter, Montreal will see about 211 centimetre­s of snowfall, Météomédia says, but in a La Nina year, the city could see up to 237 cm. “Summarizin­g three months with a few words can be as tempestuou­s as the weather,” the almanac says.

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