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Big hospital bill could change minds


Several readers have suggested that unvaccinat­ed people should be denied COVID treatment at hospitals because they are deliberate­ly putting themselves and others at risk. However it is unrealisti­c to expect doctors or others in the medical system to do so for ethical reasons. But what if the government bills them for services rendered?

Our medical coverage is considered health insurance. With most insurance you are expected to take reasonable care before filing a claim. For example, if someone is deliberate­ly negligent and burns down his house, the fire department still puts out the fire but the insurance company would deny reimbursem­ent.

So, too, hospitals would treat these deniers but the government health insurance could ask for reimbursem­ent of expenses caused by this deliberate act of health negligence.

If vaccine deniers won't get the jab for their own sake or that of their neighbours, they might be motivated by the prospect of a huge hospital bill.

Brian Burke, Montreal West

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